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A fun fact about myself is that I've never met a stranger. Another interesting...

thing about me is my ability to empathize with anyone's struggles, having experienced eating from a waste can myself. I've learned that there's a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst of us. Thankful for the rain that falls on the just and the unjust, it's an opportunity for me to see God's face everywhere. My hope for the future is to reach a point where I can make a significant monetary contribution to someone facing a similar challenging road. You can assist me in getting there, firstly through prayer. Additionally, your direct contributions, without delays from my current case manager, can make a difference. A kind word now and then would also be appreciated, as it's a struggle when days pass without a smile. The uncertainty of where the next meal will come from adds to the challenge, especially when facing potential eviction and the risk of homelessness in seven days. I haven't forgotten waking up in a shelter with numerous bed bug bites on my face, the pillow stuck to my face. I recall being quarantined with 74 other men in a shelter wing, with warnings not to return if we left.

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    We all need a support system. Joining someone's team lets you track their progress, receive updates from their care team, and contribute to life-changing outcomes.

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    We all need a support system. Joining someone’s team lets you track their progress, receive updates from their care team, and contribute to life-changing outcomes

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    During this unprecented time, it's never been more important to help them find a safe, stable, supportive place to sleep at night.

    We find that when we wrap a social home around someone, they gain the capacity to often find the physical home soon after.

    You are invited to join one or many who seek to find a home this year.

    Jeff Lilley
    former CEO, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
    The number one question I'm asked, is " Jeff, how do I respond when asked for help on the street? Samaritan is an answer to that question.
    Nicole S.
    now-housed Samaritan Member
    This is the first time in seven years people have seen me for who I am, not what I look like or come from.
    Chris C.
    Samaritan Member
    Thanks to samaritans for checking up on and feeding me… Don’t know how I would have ate or kept warm many nights without you.
    Laura L.
    now-housed Samaritan Member
    Sometimes, you can feel really invisible and it can kind of feel al lot of times like there's no help out there. It was just nice to have people be like "Yea, we really want to help."

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